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The Essentials

Don't want to read all the lore?

You can create a character with only this essential lore and the Self Character Guide.


The year is 2029. It has been 4 long months since the outbreak and the destruction of the world as we know it. This is the section of the lore contains basic lore of the world that your character must know. If you create a character using the basic lore please follow the provided instructions in the Your Story section.


World tensions continued to rise, and many became ever more fearful of the threat of a nuclear war. Because of the tensions, NATO in collaboration with the UN formed an independent agency specifically focused on creating a nuclear contingency program The NCC (Nuclear Catastrophe Contingency) so that they could focus on prevention rather than contingencies. The NCC achieved their sole mission of preserving life as they knew it they constructed thousands of “Bastions", walled cities designed to survive the fallout.


Ultimately it would be an unexpected outbreak of a 'zombie' virus that would bring down society. During the final days of the world millions would crowd into the Bastions to escape the infected massively overpopulating them which later leads to horrific slum like conditions for the vast majority of post war NCC citizens.


After the war, despite there not being a nuclear winter The Bastions still implemented their lockdown protocols sealing themselves off to the outside world. As Bastions across the world started opening up for the first time since the war, many Bastion leaders outside of Europe believing in their ‘freedom’ decided that they wouldn't submit to the NCC forming various coalitions and groups. Within Europe however, the NCC remained intact, and has started planning to reintegrate all other regions.

Your Story

When the outbreak hit, on your own, far from home. News reports reported simultaneous outbreaks in all the major cities of the world, before long chaos ensued. You fled to the closest Bastion and arrived before the NCC realised that they had already taken in far too many people to support in the relatively small walled cities.

It's been 4 months since the outbreak now, you've mostly kept to yourself in the refugee camp, turned slum. You don't know anyone here, you aren't even registered in the NCC's system, if you were to die no one would even know you existed.

It’s now up to you to decide your story from here. Will you become a hero or a bandit? Will you be loyal to The NCC for saving you from the apocalypse outside, or rebel hoping to make a better, fairer Bastion? Whatever you decide, your future, and the future of The Bastion is looking ever darker as resources dwindle and the NCC lose control.